View Full Version : [ubuntu] Wacom touchscreen is freaking me out with Firefox (Aaaargh!)

April 14th, 2011, 12:36 AM
I am using a wacom touchscreen (hp touchsmart tm2) with ubuntu 10.10

I got installed the latest wacom kernel and xorg modules.

On my setup I can get a right click (e.g. Nautilus) by tapping on a folder

and then touching the screen with a second finger. This will open a

contextual menu on the item selected with the first tap

If I do the same in firefox with a link, the right click button menu appears

but firefox follows the link directly not giving me the chance to select an action from the right click menu.

I tried one million things with xsetwacom commands with no success

How can I get firefox to just show me the right click menu and not follow the link?

Thanks to any help This thing is driving me crazy