View Full Version : [ubuntu] M-audio Firewire Solo / JACK (no errors, no sound)

April 11th, 2011, 11:20 PM
Hi guys!

I just recently installed Ubuntu 10.10, and I`m loving it. My problem is i cant seem to get any sound from my M-audio Firewire Solo. I`ve spent hours looking through forums and guides, fixing error after error, and I thought I got them all. But still no sound.

JACK (seems to be) running fine, without any xruns, and Aqualung connects to JACK with no apparent problems. I`ve attached a screenshot of the JACK connections window, and the JACK log to the thread, in the hopes that someone may be able to help me with this issue. I dont wanna go back to windows!

PS: I know the wiring is correct, having used it on windows for a while. The Balanced Outputs is connected to the speakers.

All help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

- Christian