View Full Version : [ubuntu] Cana ip2600 problems

April 10th, 2011, 04:00 PM
After my initial installation of Ubuntu 10.10 just over a week ago, it took several of hours of googling and experimenting to get my canon ip2600 working. Today, it stopped working. If I try to print a test page, it says "stopping job because the scheduler could not execute a filter". I had put the pc in hibernation mode right before this happened (I had never done that before). Also, right after waking up the computer, the update manager asked to run updates. I let it do so but I think there were some problems, however, if i run it now, it says there are no updates. I've tried reinstalling the drivers. I keep getting complaints about dependencies. The commands that worked initially a week ago no longer seem to work. I tried reinstalling cups and removing and reinstalling the printer. I've spent several hours on google and can't seem to find anything. Any help would be appreciated.