View Full Version : [ubuntu] Screen dims and tint changes?

April 9th, 2011, 03:05 PM
Hi, guys!
Last night I contracted a virus on Windows XP. Having happened for the fourth time in six months, I was fed up and installed Ubuntu as a new OS. Once installed, I cheerfully poked around the various settings and Software Center.
Once my curiosity was sated, I opened up Firefox. Oddly, when it did so, the screen became very dim, almost totally black. However, when I moved the browser a bit to the right, it brightened back up again. Each time I shifted it back to the left it got darker, and was especially dark when it was near the upper left corner of the screen.
Later, when I decided to change my background, each time I clicked a different picture to use the screen changed. For one picture the screen had a blue tint. The next it was a red tint. The Dalmatian one made it extremely dark, even darker than when I opened up Firefox.

So, being a bit annoyed, I downloaded recordMyDesktop to upload my problems to Youtube. After recording, I watched the video. Strangely, none of the lighting and tint problems showed up.
I'm convinced the problem is with my monitor. It's an old Dell CRT. My grandfather says it might have something to do with the driver but I don't think he's so sure.

Anyone care to help? Thanks a lot! <3

April 9th, 2011, 03:21 PM
Do you have a ATI video card? One of the first things I do after install is turn off Vari-bright in Catalyst Control Center. It "helpfully" adjusts screen brightness depending on whether you've got bright/dark content on your screen. I'm guessing that when you opened Firefox, it went to a blank white screen. Then moving the Firefox window to the side revealed more of the darker desktop wallpaper.

I'm not sure other video card drivers have this feature, but have a poke around their settings for something similar?

April 10th, 2011, 11:58 PM
I'm having the same issue here. I was given a Dell desktop, wiped the drive and only have Ubuntu 10.10 on here. I'm using an old CRT as well (IBM G94). If I open Firefox, terminal, or any other window, I can move it around my desktop and the farther left I go, the screen dims to nearly black.