View Full Version : Unable to share usb disk on Netgear N300 Router

April 7th, 2011, 03:12 PM
Hi to everybody. I purchased a Netgear modem router DGN2200 N300 with USB input and I'm trying to share access to an usb key on my netbook with Ubuntu Netbook edition.

I am quite sure that the router is configured correctly and the network works, because I can access the drive from my desktop pc with Windos 7 and even on an old laptop with puppy linux.

So the problem is in Ubuntu or in some stupid mistake on my part (I apologize in advance but I'm fairly inexperienced in Linux).

On Ubuntu the network is functioning correctly in the sense that the Internet works and I can even see the contents of the key via http http://readyshare.routerlogin.net/shares/

But I am unable to see the shared folder with nautilus. I tried using
nautilus smb: / / ReadyShare
but I just get an error message:
Could not display "smb: / / ReadyShare /

Where am I doing wrong? I have to install anything?

Thanks in advance for the help!