View Full Version : [ubuntu] allow Ubuntu to update, or not?

April 2nd, 2011, 01:54 PM
I'm beginning to wonder...

Pre-Maverick my Nautilus scripts were where they should be and working fine. Now they are deleted and launching custom scripts, which were normally accessible from the context menu, have disappeared. This is real pain. I spent ages writing and implementing python scripts in the context menu, and to have it lost at the willy nilly behest of some come-and-go developer doesn't exactly go a long way to instil confidence for future updates :/

Evolution has a new and rather odd way of 'clustering' emails by topic too, which I don't like at all and found out this can't even be disabled.

F-spot viewer has changed too. Why? It was working fine and even read .RAF files perfectly AND presented them intuitively with simple editing on the fly capability. Now it's been downgraded to an equivalent of Microsoft image viewer (XP) and something else called 'shotwell' decided to install itself, which was later disgracefully removed from the terminal.

I don't know about Ubuntu anymore....I just don't like surprises. I even disabled automatic updates for this reason, but this lead to a major system conflict when security updates decided to update and did so without their corresponding 'recommended updates' being applied. That took a system admin. an hour to fix.

Perhaps my subject header should have been: to continue to put up with Ubuntu or not? Now that's a question...

Frogs Hair
April 2nd, 2011, 02:21 PM
I have experienced none of these problems with 10.10 . I was aware that F-spot and other applications may be replaced and /or changed . This being 3rd Ubuntu release have never used Evolution and have no opinion . I can only hope the next release runs as well for me , but I don't why 10.10 works so well for some and not for others. Some say 10.10 is the buggiest release ever , but it has been rock solid for me since installation day on 10.10 . I have been receiving important , recommended , and proposed updates since day one.