View Full Version : [ubuntu] double Q about RAID set up and External Storage

March 23rd, 2011, 03:12 PM
I will be building my first system in mid-May this year. I will be using a 4 core CPU at 3.5 Ghz, 16 GB 1333 10666 RAM [DDR3], and 2 WD 1 TB SATA internal drives in a software RAID 1 mirror following the instructions here:


My first question is about the Partitioning; since I will have 4 4 GB Ram dimms would I be wise to make my 'share' partition 4 GB ?

Now the second question is about using an external drive for back-up. I will be using e-SATA to connect but I am not sure on how to go about setting up the drive. Parts List:

It is my understanding from Community Notes that an upgrade of releases and kernnal {sp?} goes smoother if third party software is removed then reinstalled. I plan to install Virtual box with 2 Ubuntu Guest and thought I might need to remove that to upgrade the main host. Please let me know where my thinking might be correct or incorrect and where a good source of installation instructions for an external drive via e-SATA might be. Thx

AM I posting in the wrong place or with the wrong approach? I never seem to get replies any more. I had another post over a week old with not even a moderator response. If I am doing something wrong I would appreciate someone letting me know because I come here to learn. Starting last Sept. when my OEM HDD died I became exclusively an Ubuntu user and have no plans to going back to 'paid' OS. I did not have a computer in high school so I never learned much but now I am and could use some help.

March 29th, 2011, 07:47 PM
Well I waited and even edited the original post after a few days as was suggested but for some reason I am the only person even interested in a RAID 1 mirror it seems. I am now going to keep monitoring this post in hopes that someone will read it and offer help or advise. Who knows maybe it is because I have yet to sign the Code, but wait I have a post asking for help because I'm having trouble with that.