View Full Version : [ubuntu] Missing file contents (iso download 10.04 f/site)

March 23rd, 2011, 12:33 AM
To whom this may concern!
The iso download image for Ubuntu 10.04 desktop, from the drop menu on the Ubuntu desktop download site, appears to be missing file contents and did not work for me! :confused: I downloaded the iso image and then burned a cd using iso recorder. Put the cd into my computer and nothing! Change the boot order several times and still nothing. Tried an external cd rom and still nothing. I decided to look inside the cd to see if there is anything on the cd. Files showed on the cd but when I explored some of the files I noticed some were empty, no contents.

I suggest the web master for the Ubuntu download site should at least check this out! If files in the image are missing this should be fixed as soon as possible. People new to Ubuntu may choose to download 10.04 only to find out it does not work & get discouraged or think there is something else wrong with hardware, etc., etc.

I downloaded 10.10 desktop version w/o problem and it works good.

If I posted this in the wrong thread I am sorry! I am still new to this!

Cheers! :D