View Full Version : [ubuntu] Remove unmount buttons from Nautilus side pane, or change them to "Safely Remove"

March 21st, 2011, 05:50 AM
I find it rather dumb that the eject icon placed next to mounted removable devices functions as unmount and not as safe removal.

If i start copying a ton of files to a USB stick and wait for the transfer dialog to disappear, then right-click the desktop icon and choose "Safely Remove" then the system will popup a warning dialog that writes are in progress and i need to wait. Only after all writes have completed will the system tell me it is safe to eject. Perfect! That's how it should work.

If I do the same but instead of safe removal click the eject button in Nautilus, the eject button disappears and the system reports that the drive is unmounted. Unfortunately, the user who thinks it is now safe to remove their drive (why wouldn't they?) will find out later that only a portion of their files were transferred and they've lost a lot of information.

This seems like an amazingly bad choice to have the friendly looking eject icon function as the least safe removal option, short of yanking the drive out by hand. Is there a way to change this behavior or at least remove the icon?