View Full Version : Help with website modification..CMS?

March 19th, 2011, 10:57 AM
I am setting up a website for my aunt's arts and crafts. I have it set so that there are thumbnail images and a description for each image, and you can click on the thumbnail to view the larger image. Simple enough.

I want her to be able to change the items on the site, to be able to upload the thumbnail, the image, and a new description easily. It needs to be kept very simple, and so that she can only edit the specific pieces that I designate.

CushyCMS comes so very, very close to doing exactly what I would want it to do, but you can't nest the cushycms classes, so you can change the thumbnail, but not the larger image it links to.

Being the best community on the planet, I was hoping someone would be able to suggest to me a way of accomplishing my goals for this endeavor. Thanks for any thoughts or advice.