View Full Version : [gnome] Wacked out task-bar w/ 8 or more apps open?

March 19th, 2011, 02:17 AM
Hello all.

I noticed a problem with my Ubuntu 10.10 Gnome installation. When you put the task bar to the side (right at least...haven't checked it on the left) and then open 8 or more windows, the icons in the task bar representing the open windows freak out. It is like they can't decide where to arrange themselves so they flash all around and oscillate. At the same time, Xorg and wnck-applet processes spike in usage, and my laptop's fan kicks into high gear. :)

I have some screen shots - a bit hard to see the jittery icons (look closely at the right side taskbar), but possible; and I have a shot of Top.

If the task bar is along the top or bottom this problem doesn't happen.

Any suggestions or ideas? On why this happens or how to fix it (and still use a right side task bar :))?

November 25th, 2011, 07:01 AM

Did you solve the issue?