View Full Version : [ubuntu] keyboard and mouse periodically non-functional

March 15th, 2011, 07:02 PM
Every once in a while my Ubuntu 10.04 desktop enters a state where the keyboard becomes unresponsive. If I wait several minutes, or power-cycle the machine, it starts working again.

When it enters this state, mouse functionality is also reduced. The pointer generally moves onscreen, and I can left-click things like desktop icons and they react, but the three main desktop menus merely highlight the menu title, but they do not drop down. Right-clicking generally does not work.

This seems to happen only when I have a VPN connection to my office engaged, and am running a Remote Desktop (rdesktop) session in a window, but it might happen other times as well. I can't remember precisely.

The VPN connection occasionally drops for reasons unknown, but when it is up, DNS is performed by servers in my office, not my ISP. If the VPN goes down, the DNS servers my system has been using become unavailable, so I imagine DNS queries will block until they timeout. I wonder if this is causing the UI glitches I have been experiencing.

Have any of you experienced anything similar? Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.