View Full Version : [ubuntu] where are username and password stored

March 12th, 2011, 08:26 PM
I created a new partition where Windows used to be, moved the files from two Ubuntu 10.4 OSs into a new one, deleted them, and replaced them with one large one. Before deleting, I booted the new one, without user name or password and made sure the files I needed were there. Now it tells me that the smaller one is empty except for Ubuntu and the small one wants my user name and password which I told it to boot without. If I knew where to look, I could find the user name, etc by mounting the smaller one from the larger one, could someone tell me what file to look in? Is there a way to rescue data from under the unused portion of the new large partition? It doesn't appear to be in the small one anyway. Thanks; Paul
P.S. I used Gparted from the disk and saved the details to root.