View Full Version : [ubuntu] Apache Server and Desktop Install

March 10th, 2011, 01:49 AM
Gave up, I had a p3 1000 on a CUSL-2 board Win 98 to test
cd won't even run when clicked just spins fast, but shows the
ubuntu icon when I boot I get ubuntu 10... and 4 dots flashing
underneath, never installs I tried just about all day today. I
did test the disk it wanted to install on the tusl-2 board but
not on the cusl-2 both have about the same specs.

I thought Linux didn't need much to run on, Win 98 works fine
believe it or not, I use it for playing mps in our rec room and
for checking email and surfing sometimes, at around the same time
(about 10 years ago), I built another p3 with a TUSL-2 board 512 mem
I have XP on that and it works fine as well and is quite fast for
surfing and minor things. its about as fast as my laptop with win7
and a intel i something chip.

I'm surprised I couldn't get Ubuntu to work I have been on servers
with less specs. I'm thinking remove win98 but it might be something

I was hoping to use this for local file sharing website and php


March 11th, 2011, 04:58 AM
If someone has any advice on this please weigh in
This p3 1000, CUSL-2 board win98, works like the day
I built it, of course cant update anything anymore the
case is p4 board ready, but the P3 chip and board Kicks ...
still. this computer is like part of the family.

I would really like to change over to Ubuntu or some
form of Linux that will work.