View Full Version : [ubuntu] E17 + Thinkpad T400?

March 9th, 2011, 05:55 PM
I've been trying to slowly but surely convert my laptop from gnome over to e17 on Ubuntu 10.10 and I hav eonly one stumbling block. I've disabled the automatic video switching inside the bios so I can take advantage of my 3d hardware. When I dock to use my external monitor, e17 and gnome clone my desktop on both screens. Under gnome I can press Fn+F7 and change which screen X is going too, my laptop LCD or my Monitor or both. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any kind of option like that under e17. FN+F7 is completely unusable in e17, but it's present in gnome. I've looked at the ACPI bindings under e17 and I don't see an option for redirecting my video, does anyone know if this option exists and if so where is it?

I'm using an IBM Thinkpad T400.