View Full Version : [ubuntu] Intel GMA 4500 X64 3D Gaming woes

March 9th, 2011, 03:20 PM

I have my toshiba satellite L505-00U and the graphics chip it has is the X4500 GMA and I followed a little guide on the net to install some drivers for i855 chipsets or something but now I have no idea if I'm using the intel drivers themselves or what.

I play WoW and other games in the humble indie bundle (Which all have linux installers)

however I can't run wow due to weird graphics glitches. and the other games are just slow. I figure if I have the right drivers installed it would be a little bit more bearable.

I seen on Youtube someone was using GIT to get the newest drivers to play games etc. Is that an option for me?

Has anyone had any success with this chipset?

Im also running 10.10 X64