View Full Version : [Gentoo] Install X11 *after* KDE

March 9th, 2011, 11:35 AM
Hi, this post is about Gentoo however I'm posting here cause I don't have access at the moment to a graphical box for captcha (for the Gentoo forums register, lol!).

OK, last night I installed the gentoo base system on my PC, which went rather well. However I had the foolishness to run:

sudo emerge kde-meta

*Before* I'd installed or configured X.org/X11 (whatever it's called in gentoo). BTW, the KDE compile has been going for about 9 hours, and I predict it will finish some time this afternoon (last time I checked it was on package 250 of 463).

Obviously I don't want to cancel the KDE compile, so do you think it would work, if straight after it's finished I configure X and KDM? I don't even know if it's pulling in X already as a dependency. If it is, would it be possible to reconfigure X so it supports things like keyboard/mice or would I have to recompile it?

Thanks, Fela