View Full Version : GTA Vice City in WINE runs laggy, has rectangles instead of text and white background

March 7th, 2011, 09:23 PM
Hello everyone!

I guess I can't really call myself totally new to linux, as I've sporadically tried out various linux distros through the last few years, but I didn't really get past doing very basic stuff on them, so I'm still a newbie.

I'm really impressed by how much ubuntu progressed over the last few years and how much more widespread linux became, so last week, I decided to install it and give linux another chance, determined not to give up this time at the sight of hardships, but treat them with a more adventurous attitude.

I managed to get everything to work so far, including various emulators, like dosbox.

Yesterday, I tried out Wine and managed to figure out how it works. I installed GTA Vice City under Wine, but when I run it, I have problems.

As you can see on the screenshots, in the main menu, instead of the background image, this white background appears and instead of text, these pink rectangles appear.

I managed to start a new game, but almost every texture is plain white and the game lags like hell. The sound is okay, though.

The terminal also showed some error messages, I inculded a screenshot of them.

I tried out glxgears to see if something's wrong with 3D acceleration, but it ran smoothly.

I have a samsung N210 netbook and I have ubuntu 10.10 netbook edition on it.