View Full Version : [ubuntu] cannot get blender 3d to run at all in any version

March 7th, 2011, 03:16 AM
I've searched the forums for some time and can't find a solution. Hoping someone can help:

I've got Ubuntu 10.10 running on a machine I used to have XP on. Switched over to linux completely. I can't get Blender 3d to run at all in any version; not from command line ( returns "illegal instruction" ) right after I have removed it and then re-installed it; Not from synaptic installed versions or downloaded versions simply extracted and clicking on the icon. I've checked all the dependencies several times and have them as far as I know.

I had blender 2.49b running and rendering perfectly on XP so the video card can't be the problem. ( intel 82810E, pentium 3 ). It rendered slow, but perfectly; its an older machine and video card. At this point I'd be glad to get 2.49b back.

I haven't tried other versions of Linux that may be better suited to blender on an older machine. On this machine, I also never got a taskbar in Ubuntu desktop except in safe mode. Switching to kubuntu and now xubuntu both give me a desktop; although kubuntu was slow. I've checked my drivers many times. I've probably downloaded much more unrelated stuff I don't need trying to fix this. Nothing.

Any help would be appreciated. It runs Openoffice and gimp well and otherwise works fine.