View Full Version : [ubuntu] XBMC hdmi or system sounds, not both

March 5th, 2011, 11:07 PM
So, I recently bought a Shuttle XS35GT with the NVidia ION card. After much tweaking, I managed to get the HDMI audio working. Everything seemed good... except in XBMC. Sounds was working when I would navigate menus, but it wouldn't play for music and video. So, finally, I set the XBMC sound to custom and set it to alsa:plughw:1,7 for both audio output and passthrough. So, now I have sound for music and video, but no sounds for menu navigation.

So is it possible to get both the menu system sounds AND the sound for music and video working? Not a huge deal, since the the main issue is having sound for music and video, but I'd like to have sound working across the board.