View Full Version : [all variants] Which folders in / can be safely shared between Ubuntu, Kubuntu & Mint?

March 5th, 2011, 12:36 AM
Here's the tl;dr version: I'd like to be able to set up partitions on my hard drive so that if I boot into Ubuntu, install a LAMP stack or something, then reboot into Kubuntu, the LAMP stack (or whatever) is available.

BACKGROUND: I recently found out that you can set up a partition on your hard drive for /home, which would be unaffected by future installs and would preserve user files. Additionally, you could install two separate OS' that each mount the partition as /home so users' files would even be preserved across different distros.

I'd like to set up a system where I have multiple OS options when I boot. I'd like to be able to boot Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Mint, and down the road maybe venture beyond Debian.

I figure that there is a lot of overlap in code between Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Mint. In order to preserve space, I'm wondering if there are any other folders that can be put into partitions and shared across these OS'. Here's what I'm 100% sure would work:


I'm less sure about /bin, /sbin, /etc and /usr. I don't wan't /var to be in its own partition because I'm concerned important log files could be overwritten.

Anyone ever done anything like this?