View Full Version : [ubuntu] Burned a DL DVD with Brasero and it appeared to never stop

Shepherd X
March 4th, 2011, 03:15 PM
I tried to burn about 7 GB of audio files on a dual layer DVD using Brasero. When it gets to "burn 100% done" it just keeps going. I left it for half an hour, thinking this is the verification process. But it doesn't give any kind of message regarding what is going on. The hard drive activity light flashes as well as the DVD drive. It says something about creating an image (which it said before the actual burning began). So I clicked cancel, assuming that since the burn was "100% done" that would mean the disc should be fine. When I tried to read off the disc, nothing was readable.

Has this been discussed before? BTW, I'm using Ubuntu 10.10

Also, I've created DVD with imgburn on Windoze before with the same drive and discs, and it worked fine.

Any suggestions?