View Full Version : [ubuntu] Front panel headphones as separate output

March 4th, 2011, 12:44 AM
Hardware wise, I know that what I want to do is possible, because it works rather happily on windows.

Using the Realtek manager in Windows, I can set my pc front and rear audio outputs as separate devices. I use this so that I can use my normal speakers for all audio, music OS sounds etc. I then use the front socket on my case to plug in my head set and use it just for skype calls, all I hear on the front audio output is the skype call, and only the skype call.

I do not mean surround sound front and rear, I mean the physical front and rear of connections on my case.

On Ubuntu I can't see how to get this set up. Skype has the option for where to send audio to, but the drop down list is just "pulse audio server (local)" so I need something like running two audio servers, one that only outputs to the rear connection on my case, the other outputs to the front.

using 10.10 and skype 2.1 if it matters
Any help please?