View Full Version : [ubuntu] Changing panel icons, missing video

March 3rd, 2011, 09:51 PM
I first became aware of Ubuntu over a year ago through the NIST EMC project. It was interesting but of no particular value to me at that time however about a year ago, I used a version of Ubuntu to salvage some critical from a drive which was failing. My laptop finally gave-up a few weeks ago and in desperation I installed Ubuntu. I haven't really looked back since and have even managed to successfully install Matlab which I really need. I have also installed 10.04 LTS on laptops for two others and they are really impressed. Thanks to all concerned!

I have a couple of questions which are of nuisance value rather than critical and perhaps somebody out there can help. I have looked through the forum but as they are odd, I don't really see anything which matches my particular issues.

The first problem concerns the icons on the top right panel, they keep changing sequence. At the moment, the sequence is power meter, monitor, volume, mail/chat, status, etc. Next time I boot up, it will be different, eg, appointments, status, volume, etc. Any ideas?

The next problem concerns video playback when using two monitors, eg my laptop and an external monitor. No problems setting up the displays either as mirror images, an extended desktop or using either one singly. The problem is that when I use the Totem player, I get sound but no video when both monitors are connected in extended desktop mode. If I disable either monitor or display the same image in both, no problems.

My final problem is when using headphones, I can hear sound through the headphones but also through the computer's speakers. Not a major problem but I would like to solve it if possible.