View Full Version : [mythbuntu] MythBuntu 10.10 How to enable DVD autoplay ?

Raptor Ramjet
March 3rd, 2011, 09:20 PM

Can anyone tell me where/what/how I need to configure Mythbuntu 10.10 to get DVDs to auto play when a disc is inserted ? (i.e. when a valid DVD video disc is inserted into the DVD drive I would like the system to play the DVD without any further human interaction)

The installation of Mythbuntu I'm working on was made after installing Ubuntu desktop then "sudo apt-getting" mythbuntu etc.

So far I've managed to track down the Myth setup items which seem to suggest that they relate to autoplaying optical media - these settings being found by going to "Utilities/Setup" then pressing "Next" a few times until we get to the "Media Monitor" settings page.

On this page I've "checked" the entries for "Monitor CD/DVD" and "Use new media" and have also made sure the "Ignore devices" field is blank.

However even after rebooting when I insert any of three different test DVDs (all factory pressed not home burned) none of them are auto started. But I am able to play all three of them using MythTVs "Play DVD" menu.

Following this I've also tried booting to the Gnome desktop and have played around with the settings in "System" > "Preferences" > "Removable Drives and Media" and everything works as expected.

e.g. If I set the Gnome preferences to automount/autoplay then when I insert a DVD it's mounted and "totem" launches and plays it. If I turn off automount/autoplay nothing happens.

However no matter what I try I cannot get Myths internal player to autoplay ?

After much trying out of settings, rebooting etc. I've now got all the autoplay/automount options off in Gnome and have got all the likely MythTV settings to "on" ("Monitor CD/DVD" is checked and "Use new media" is checked etc.)

So at this point any further suggestions are most welcome ?