View Full Version : [lubuntu] Can I Change Keyboard-layout-choice After Install?

March 3rd, 2011, 10:06 AM
I have just installed 10.04 desktop on a new computer
and I seem to have picked the wrong keyboard layout
at the beginning of the install.

I actually use a microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard
4000, but the folowing problems are showing up in gedit,
while manually editing an svg (XML) file:

1. The double-quote key actually inserts something that looks
like a double quote, but its is invalid syntax according
to firefox.

2. The apostrophe gets added as an acute to the following letter.

3. To enter successive double quotes, you have to hit the key
three times.

Can I change the layout choice after install, or must I re-install
ubuntu to be offered the keyboard layout choice?