View Full Version : [ubuntu] Trying to install 10.10 on a flash drive

March 3rd, 2011, 07:15 AM
I'm not sure if this question has been asked before, but I looked around and didn't find this specific one:
I downloaded the ISO of Ubuntu 10.10 and then opened it and tried usbcreator.exe. After this, it went to a dialog box with two fields, one for the source file, and the other one for the destination. Well, in the source field nothing appears, so I clicked on the button that says "Other" and browsed around for the ISO file. I clicked on it but nothing happened. What gives?
The destination field looks fine and it shows where I want to send the ISO file, which is my flash drive. Any help would be appreciated.

March 3rd, 2011, 09:22 AM
This is a common problem with the usbcreator.exe.
What I do is that I use this program called UNETBootin (its free to download and use) and create my usb startup disk. It might look like it has stuck while creating the drive but leave it there and it will get through.

So better use UNETBootin instead of the default app provided by Ubuntu. I am not that much of a technical person and so dont know why this happens in that application but I believe that UNETBootin will resolve this issue of yours :)

Here is the link for the website: