View Full Version : [ubuntu] Not able to get Wintv PVR 150 to work

March 2nd, 2011, 03:32 AM
Hi, I installed Ubuntu 10.10 a few days ago looking to eliminate all the pirated software in my life. I thought the transition has been quite painless.
The only problem I've encountered so far is the installation of my hauppague wintv pvr 150.
I've tried everything I coul find on the net, xawtv, mplayer, vlc, mythtv, etc...
Nothing seems to work.
When I start up vlc, open capture device and choose pvr I get the box with an image.
But its practically only static and no sound. I can tell that there is an image "behind" the static, however, because there is some "movement" and when I turn off my settop box the static kind of changes.
I'm new with ubuntu, so if there is anything you need to help me, please let me know...

thanks very much in advance