View Full Version : [ubuntu] Downloading mmc stream question

March 1st, 2011, 09:43 PM
Hi everyone,

Not too long ago I found a website that can stream archived shows... All I do is click "play" and it opens up vlc and I can watch the streamed show...

So I started wondering if I can download what I am watching, well it turns out that I can using the command:

mplayer <address> -dumpstream -dumpfile <filename>

My problem however is getting the address of that stream, because when I click play it opens up vlc, and I dont know how to find out the address...

Here is the website (it's a Russian archive tv show website)


Click the yellow button with green play icon to play the stream...

Now how would I find out the stream address so I can use mplayer to download it? :confused: