View Full Version : [kubuntu] PDFs don't show images! ...plus PDF in Firefox problem. 64bit 10.10 maverick

March 1st, 2011, 08:17 AM
Kubuntu 10.10
KDE 4.5.1


I'm hoping someone might know why images/pictures are not showing in PDF files please?
When I open it in Acrobat Reader 9, okular or xpdf the document loads fine, with big white spaces where the images should be. Took a few days before I realised something was up... No other PDF readers have I noticed in aptitude, maybe no 64bit support yet.

Also have the problem with PDFs not loading in Firefox, but I saw a thread with a suggestion involving Evince. But this problem makes things totally unusable... I gotta drag PDFs into vmware to see the missing images! :)