View Full Version : [SOLVED] Could not determine the upgrade/broken packages.

February 28th, 2011, 04:15 AM
I have been upgrading 10.4 to 10.10, but in the middle of the new package download my computer turned off (outage). Now Ubuntu won't restart the upgrade or install the packages already downloaded; it tells me it "Could not determine the upgrade" and that unresolvable problems occurred, caused by held packages. How can I reset things to restart the upgrade?

March 1st, 2011, 06:58 AM
It is very unfortunate to lose power during an upgrade. You will probably be better off with a clean install.

March 1st, 2011, 09:04 AM
See if this works: System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager > Edit > Fix Broken Packages

March 1st, 2011, 09:08 AM
If Synaptic can't fix the broken packages, we can try doing it manually from Applications > Accessories > Terminal.

Please post the complete outputs as well to let us see what is going on in there.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install -f
sudo dpkg --configure -a
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

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March 2nd, 2011, 11:55 AM
Thanks! Going through sudo allowed me to upgrade to 10.10... But then I get the same "Could not determine the upgrade/broken packages" message when I try to update it. Sigh. Well, complete CD reinstall it will be then.