View Full Version : [all variants] Good letter-unit Markov text generator? With not-too-hard install?

the big e
February 28th, 2011, 02:00 AM
I want to experiment with Markov-chain generated text, i e when you take a text file and it comes up with output based on frequency of letter combinations.

(I already found dadadodo, but it's based on word pairings, and I also want to experiment with one based on letter pairings.)

So I searched on Google, and just about everything I found were things like makefiles that need to be installed from command line, and I have never done that before.

So does anyone know of a good easy-install Markov program? Or, alternatively, can anyone de-mystify makefiles for me? I am afraid of creating files in the wrong place that are hard to get rid of. Do I need to be?