View Full Version : [ubuntu] i uninstalled evolution from synaptic. what did i do?

February 27th, 2011, 10:38 PM
i think i made a mistake. i hope its not big. what i did was, remove evolution mail from synaptic, what i wanted to do was just remove the indicator applet from the task bar. i read a bunch of bad stuff about removing evolution from synaptic vs just removing the applet.

im worried. did i break anything or put my security at risk. after, i used a command (older) (sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop)to install ubuntu desktop. because i thought that it would fix evolution. then i went to synaptic and installed a package called evolution. i rechecked evolution in applications menu. however, i notice that i have both a checkable evolution and two evolution icons. nothing 'seems' broken. im not sure if it ever was. and evolution calender pops up as normal, as does the the installed plain evolution. they both seems to be an exact copy of the other.

all i really wanted to do was remove the indicator applet. did i make a serious mistake. since ive had ubuntu, ive reformatted a lot because i was worried i made a mistake of some kind. however now im into the more "make a mistake and fix it stage' as im pretty happy with my current desktop and have worked hard to customize it. help would be very much appreciated.

:edit: the command, sudo apt-get remove indicator-messages removed the mail icon. i still am worried that i broke something, or put my security at risk. also, now i have two mail icons. evolution mail and calendar, and another just called evolution.

February 27th, 2011, 10:46 PM
I removed also Evolution from Synaptic or the Software Center, I dont remember anymore as I dont use it.
It should not be a problem to reinstall it.
If you want to remove the applet, that should also not be a problem, right click on it and remove it but I know the notifications area is a little bit strange for me, I did not remove it because I think it would remove also the whole notification area with the sound applet too, and thats not what I want. Anyway I have no longer the Evolution entry in this applet.
Maybe someone could say something more about it.