View Full Version : Music Production for someone who's never done it in windows or a mac

February 27th, 2011, 04:42 PM
I use Ubuntu Studio 10.10 to record midi, create drum tracks, and record audio, including vocals from a mic, and a mic'd up acoustic guitar and electric guitar via the amp. It's been a steep learning curve, working out the limitations of each program, trying to get what I need out of this os, and 9.10, 9.04 before it.

A staunch windows hater, before I used Ubuntu, I had Opensuse, and before that a mac for many years. The last time I used windows it was Windows 2000. I only decided to record music in the last couple of years, and installed Ubuntu Studio 9.04 with opensuse. I've now got rid of suse and just use ubuntu studio.

i've come up against allsorts in creating my perfect home studio, running from a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop and a USB microphone; one thing is for sure, Jack can only take the mic capture only, thus so can rosegarden and ardour. This means you can't play back through headphones while recording, and rosegarden will only allow a time adjustment of half a second (or so I can work out), so you can't align the sound if you listen in on an mp3 player. Audacity can't overdub, it can't play back while recording without freezing. Others have reported the same who aren't using usb mics. But it can time shift enough to align the tracks. I've given up with ardour, it's touch and go whether it will give me any sound.

There are many more issues I have faced, but the biggest one of not being able to overdub, has resulted in me creating an xp partition (grrr). Audacity works perfectly on it. This is a temporary measure until I find a way to overdub in Linux. I borrowed my friends condenser mic but it still wouldn't overdub in either audacity, rosegarden, or ardour.

Anyone else having hysterics with recording music in Ubuntu/Ubuntu Studio/Linux generally?

February 27th, 2011, 05:29 PM
I am no expert and I never tried to record thru a USB mic, but using Reaper (or energyXT 1.5) under wine + wineasio, I could record VST instruments tracks while playing the previously recorded ones. So, I'm not using Jack (wineasio instead) as the driver so maybe that's where the problem lies.

I'd post this on the Ubuntu Studio forum, you'll get more replies there.