View Full Version : [ubuntu] Huawei K3765 on Ubuntu 10.10

February 26th, 2011, 11:10 PM
Hi all,

I downloaded Ubuntu 10.10 the other day on my laptop and had to install my Broadcom wireless modem. Then I wanted to install my vodafone dongle which I'm pretty sure is a Huawei K3765.

I install usb-modeswitch, ozerocdoff and vodafone-mobile-connect. I got to the device selection screen of VMC which said I had no known devices.

I restarted my computer and when I did, suddenly the device was recognised and the Network Manager connected to it fine. I used the internet for about 2 hours. I restarted the computer again and it worked fine for another few hours. I went out and come home the next morning, restarted the computer and now the device is unrecognised again.

I have spent hours trying to fix this, can anybody help.

Thankyou in advance