View Full Version : [kubuntu] HP G60-230US wireless stopped working suddenly

February 24th, 2011, 06:37 PM
I'm not certain if this is the fault of Linux or my laptop. When this all started I was dual-booting a wubi install of Linux Mint 10 and Windows 7 ultimate. Out of nowhere I suddenly noticed that in Windows 7 the wireless was off on booting it up and I had to push the wireless button twice in order for it to turn on. In Linux Mint I had to push it several times for it to work. All of the sudden one day it would not work in Mint at all! Windows 7 was still doing the same thing.

I thought maybe Mint was going crazy so I installed Ubuntu and wireless is off and will not turn on. I'm currently writing this on Kubuntu with no wireless still.

On an odd side-note Linux Mint 10 actually used the blue/amber LED of my wireless button as an activity light instead of showing me whether it was on or off as it's supposed to.

Any ideas:confused::confused: