View Full Version : [ubuntu] Manual guvcview settings for M$ Lifecam HD-5000 not working

February 24th, 2011, 04:17 PM
I want to use the Microsoft Lifecam HD-5000 for my hand-recognition research. However, for my research it is important that the camera doesn't automatically change any of it's settings (focus, white balance, brightness, etc).
In guvcview I can set the focus, white balance and exposure to manual. Then the camera view looks OK. But when I restart guvcview, it still has these settings set to manual, but it does not use the same exposure value (the video is very dark).

When I manually try to change the exposure settings, the program gives the following output:

VIDIOC_S_CTRL - Unable to set control: Input/output error

Should I be able to use manual exposure for this camera?