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Yeti can't ski
February 23rd, 2011, 11:55 AM
Dear All,

The folks behind LibreOffice are preparing to establish a German foundation to formally stand as the legal entity responsible for the project.

In order to incorporate the entity they first need a mininum capital of EUR 50,000 (which will belong to the foundation itself; these are not incorporation costs) and, thus, they opened a donation campaign:


I am not in any manner related to the project other than being an user of LO and having made a humble donation myself. What inspired me contribute is the transparency of the process. For instance, anyone can check and discuss the draft bylaws of the future foundation:


LO will be a part of Ubuntu and Canonical is contributing with staff and code. If anyone can spare a dime with the initiave, I really think it is well invested money.

It would be great to have community support outwheighing that of government and corporate sponsors.