View Full Version : [ubuntu] Hard drive running constantly

February 23rd, 2011, 04:27 AM
I'm running 10.04

My hard drive keeps blinking/accessing. Sometimes it accesses so much that I have to wait a minute or more to "regain usage" of my machine. It only began to happen recently. Often there's a long pause when I click to open a program, the screen will fade into dark gray.

Many times it seems the problem is worse when I'm runnng Firefox.

I ran Bleachbit last night with all of the options checked but that has had no effect upon the problem.

Also....many times when I boot up on my "dual boot machine" I see an error message with somethingl like, "device E#R$#DFRFTHNYJDGF%^&&TR$$%543q not mounting" or something like that.

Could my hard drive be failing....it's only 1 year old?