View Full Version : For the record (with regrets)

February 23rd, 2011, 01:53 AM
I regret to inform the residents of the Ubuntu Community that I (Cheryl, not Gary) will be limited in the help ive been handing out.
Its been a bit less than one year since I started living here, and I still have an outstanding mortgage. Ive prepared for the worst economic conditions possible by saving ahead, even before I got here. However, im currently watching the last of the money ive set aside for the mortgage vanish. Ive known about this for some time now, but I sadly, I havent been able to do anything about it.

Ive been working on getting a new higher-paying job for some time now, and on Thursday, got an interview with a new company, thanks to some of my friends spotting an internal hire and giving me a referral. I did manage to get the job, which is part of the movie / tv show production industry.

However, I still have to work overtime in order to get enough money for everything. Unfortunately, overtime means 9am - 10pm. With the overtime + the baby + family, im going to have very limited extra time.
But wait. Im not leaving for good, and neither am I leaving completely. As you might know, sandyd/dolphinaura is operated by Cheryl (me)/Gary. Youve probably met both of us sometime. As a result, youll be seeing more of Gary these days, until I can get this mortgage mess cleaned up.

Oh, and 'bout the support im going to be providing for my stuff....
I will still be maintaining
a) My site
b) Twitter, Facebook & other associated networks (I would prefer if you contacted me through Twitter/Facebook though, I check that more often)
c) Adobe Tools
d) OsMods (which will be officially started this weekend)
e) My cute URL Shortener

Note: i got lazy, and didn't want to rewrite it, but teh dates are wrong. (http://openubuntu.com/index.php/topic,1109.0.html)