View Full Version : Calendar Change Notification

February 22nd, 2011, 07:04 PM
I have been working with Google Calendar via Sunbird Lightning client and Google Provider for about a month now. I need to merge approx 20 calendars into a master calendar. I have discovered that Google only allows 4 to be used in an unlimited two way communication fashion. Also when I use GC in "the raw" without the client, I receive SMS notification for Adds, Changes, and Deletes, from all schedules that are merged. Using the client it all works except when an item is deleted from the schedule. Does anyone know of a program in Ubuntu that would do this for me? I manage the schedule of a small business with 15-20 sales people at any given time. I want to be able to have them all on one calendar. I want them to receive SMS notification each time there is a modification to their schedule. Any ideas?