View Full Version : [SOLVED] Lastpass lost my Firefox passwords?

February 17th, 2011, 02:20 PM
Some background:
I have been using Firefox simultaneously in 3 differents OS's - XP, Ubuntu 10.10 & Ubuntu LTS 10.04.
For a long time, Foxmarks, then Xmarks, looked after my bookmarks & passwords for all 3 versions.

Recently, I started using Chromium in Ubuntu 10.10.
I installed Xmarks in Chromium & the bookmarks worked OK but there was a warning about needing to install Lastpass for passwords, which I ignored at first.

Yesterday, Firefox in Ubuntu 10.10 got updated from 3.9.2 to 3.9.5 & again I was advised that passwords would have to be handled by Lastpass.
So I installed Lastpass 1.70.0 in Ubuntu 10.10 Firefox 3.9.5.
I accepted the default options, including importing p/w's from FF & something about disabling & clearing out insecure passwords.
After that, Lastpass was present, but my vault was empty, except for the Xmarks site!

All my p/x's are present in Chromium's own Saved Passwords area, so I installed Lastpass in Chromium & tried to import the p/w's from there, but Lastpass recommended in big red letters to prefer using Firefox for importing.
But of course there are now no p/w's in Firefox's saved passwords...

So I went to Ubuntu LTS 10.04 & opened Firefox there.
First, I exported my p/w's to a .csv file. :cool:
Then I installed Lastpass but unchecked the item about disabling existing password manager & never agreed to delete anything.
When I looked in my vault in LTS, it only had Xmarks site.
Saved passports has also lost all items except Xmarks site!

I tried Lastpass > Tools > Import from >
and found a list of possible sources including "Generic .CSV file".
But when I select that, I get an incomprehensible set of instructions about changing the first line...


What has gone wrong here?

How can I get my p/w's into Lastpass?

In summary.
Ubuntu Firefox has Lastpass but no p/w's.
Ubuntu LTS Firefox has Lastpass but no p/w's.
Ubuntu Chromium has Lastpass & has p/w's in its own Password Manager, but not in Lastpass vault.
I still have Firefox in XP, with no Lastpass & with p/w's in its Password Manager.
I have a .csv file from FF.

Thanks for any explanation & solution!

February 17th, 2011, 03:51 PM
I re-imported my p/w's from the .csv file to LTS Firefox.

Then used Lastpass > Tools > Import from > Firefox Passport Manager.

That worked & I now have all my p/w's in Lastpass vault available in all browsers.

But that was not a happy experience!

It would seem advisable to keep an exported version of your p/w's (dangerous, of course) until Lastpass is up & running...