View Full Version : [ubuntu] hibernate-thaw fails but "sleep"-resume works

February 15th, 2011, 05:51 PM
My laptop will suspend-to-ram (sleep) and resume-from-suspend (resume) without any troubles.

I cannot get that same laptop to suspend-to-disk (hibernate) and resume-from-hibernate (thaw). Also, I cannot discover any way to diagnose and troubleshoot this failure.

What makes this a royale pain is the fact that I have a second identical laptop the works just fine. I'm dashed if I can find any differences that have any bearing on what is happening. (BTW -- Canonical support can't find it either.)

Can anyone help me shed light on what is going on?
~~~ 0;-/

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When reading the power-management details, they use these words
with the following meaning:
suspend -- suspend-to-ram; what some call "sleep"
System state gets saved and everything powers down to minimums but does not turn power off.
resume -- restart after "sleep"
restart does not involve a trip through grub
hibernate -- suspend-to-disk
System state gets saved follow-ed by power-off shutdown
thaw -- restart after "hibernate"
restart involves power-on (reset) and a trip through grub.

Sadly, they also use the term "resume" for any restart after either of
"sleep" and "hibernate" so read carefully.
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