View Full Version : [ubuntu] Multi-Monitor Setup Crashes When Moving Mouse

February 14th, 2011, 07:06 PM
Hi All,

I have recently switched to Ubuntu 10.10 from Win 7. It took me a bit to get my mulit-monitor setup working, but I eventually got it.

Here is my problem though. Occasionally when I move my mouse between screens (usually when I have a game or vlc on another display) my two side displays will go black and the center one will start blinking a screen full of e's. The only way I have been able to recover from it so far is by hitting Ctrl + Alt + Del, which restarts the computer. Everything in the background seems to be working, I can still hear the game/vlc playing.

I am running dual ATI Radeon HD 4870's with the ATI proprietary driver. I was originally running with Xinerama on, but it caused some programs not to work (some "cant find RandR" error). It was happening then too.

Any fix to stop it from happening or a way to recover instead of a reboot would be great!