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February 11th, 2011, 05:06 AM
Good evenings everyone!.

I don't really like to introduce myself into a community by posting a problem but in this case I really have no idea how to try to solve my problem so sorry.

I recently bought an Asus eeePC 1201PN. It came with Win 7 Started but I immediately changed it to Ubuntu 10.10 because while I'm a newby at it I really like it and want to start to know it better.

This netbook comes with nVidia's ION 2 GPU and is supposed to be able to smoothly play videos at 720p and even output them at 1080p through it's HDMI port. I've read some reviews around the net and people both on Windows and Linux/Ubuntu said that they could do it perfectly with nVidia's restricted drivers installed.

I did a clean installation. The HDD has three partitions a 60GBs EXT3 to mount /, a 3GBs SWAP and around 250GBs EXT3 for /home running Ubuntu 10.10 x86. Downloaded and installed every update as well as the restricted drivers and let the system automatically download the video codecs after I tried to play a .MKV file. I also installed Flash Player 10.02 that is supposed to enable GPU acceleration for webvideos.

When I go to youtube and try to watch a HD video I only get like 3 or 4 FPS at 720 and when I try to watch one from the HDD using VLC the movie plays well for a few seconds then stutters then plays smoothly only to stutter again and repeat the cycle. Trying to use the default movie player gets me a message saying "An error Occurred. Disconnected: Connection Terminated".

If I uninstall the restricted drivers every HD movie plays fine for 5 or 10 seconds then the entire system crashs.

I tried googling for the answer and besides people saying that it works great for them right out of the box I couldn't find anything and I have *no* idea where to start to even get an idea of what is wrong.

Thanks for your time! :D.

February 11th, 2011, 05:58 PM