View Full Version : [ubuntu] x1550 Strange Glitches Ubuntu 10.10 64

February 10th, 2011, 07:07 AM
I have been noticing three very small video glitches occurring when using my Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit machine.

System info:
Intel DQ965GF
Core 2 2.13
4G PC2.5300
x1550 on PCIe
Onboard Intel HDA

1)After selecting the OS there is a strange array of pixels at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes this occurs during shutdown as well. Please see pics.

2) Then, at the log in screen and until I have logged in, the mouse cursor/pointer is nearly transparent. Everything is okay once I have logged in. Please see pics for examples.


3)Subsequently, I am also getting a strange random horizontal line across the screen for a split second. This line does not seem to affect any operation of the system whatsoever. I would take pictures, but it is just way too fast for me.

I have done some searching for these issues and have not come up with anything that is similar to my specific problems. I would like to reiterate that the video is working 100% despite the few problems that I have been having unlike the IDT audio which is a whole 'nother mess. Any help would be greatly appreciated!