View Full Version : [ubuntu] did Logitech headset break Ubuntu sound?

February 9th, 2011, 11:55 PM
I wanted wireless headphones for my laptop, so I purchased Logitech H760 headset.

I got the H760 to work by going to System-Preferences-Sound and changing the Movies and Music playback from "Autodetect" to "H760 USB headset (OSS)" and restarting the laptop. This made the headphones work but shut off the laptop speakers and audio out jack.

Then, I tried to go back by unplugging the USB dongle, changing the sound preferences back to Autodetect, and restarting. However, when I play audio now, I get popping and cracking through both the laptop speakers and the audio out jack when the playback preferencs are set to Autodetect. They must be set to OSS now. Also, VLC media player will not work when audio output is set to "default"; it must also be set to "Unix OSS". I have tried various setting changes and restarting multiple times: nothing working but OSS settings.

I don't understand what happened. Did the Logitech USB dongle screw up my laptop somehow? Since I don't know what happened, I'm afraid I may lose all audio at some point. Any ideas?