View Full Version : [ubuntu] Ubuntu logging out @random and a few other questions:

February 9th, 2011, 03:59 PM
HELLOOOO!!! :popcorn::KS:KS:KS


Well, I am using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, because 10.10 was just waaaay to unstable for us to use (me, my girlfriend and a good friend). 10.10 would even crash while installing, that didn't work out too well, as we were showing off Ubuntu to some Windows users, that wanted to switch over.

Anyway...thus we have chosen the power of LTS, we are still having a few very annoying issues. Well, actually just me, because they haven't made the change yet ("make that change!" <- M. Jackson)

I installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (32bit) on my Laptop (i7 740QM, 4GB RAM, 280M GTX 1GB VRAM). I unplugged the laptop and ran over to my bed, wanting to chillout there a bit.

Suddenly (:KS!), Ubuntu just logged off and I lost ALL of the work I was doing in that moment (NOTHING was saved). I only had the following open:

Empathy, Firefox, Open-Office (a few documents).

It happend like 5-6x in a row. The last two times I didn't even open anything at startup, but when I was about to (Firefox) it just logged off again, leaving me at the login screen and waiting for me to just DARE login...with feeling.

SO...this only happens when the laptop is NOT plugged in to the supreme POWER of the WALL. IF I leave the laptop plugged to the POWER, nothing of this kind happens.

When I was younger, so much younger then tooooday (when I first booted up my first Windows and caught 20 viruses), I never needed anybodys help in any way (I just formated the entire disk)! But now these days are gone and I am not so self assured (all of these OS related thingies going round and round).

HELP me if you can, because I am feeling doooown... help me get my Ubuntu back up on the grooouund :guitar:

Woot, I just had the strangest flash there O,

I do have a few other problems, that anyone can answer, if you find the time for it (thank you for your time):

a) How do I make the bootsplash pritty again, after installing the Nvidia prop. drivers?

b) When we rebooted our machines, the appearance of our windows would sometimes just change to a very clasic-looking theme. :confused:

Thanks in advance! ):P