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February 8th, 2011, 12:21 AM
Hello Forum,

Can anybody help me to get the Ubuntu Lucid sound working in a distant remote machine?

As far as i know, it is possible to have sound on the local machine (sound coming from the distant machine)

The method is to use Pulse audio and sound servers.

The company supplying the distant FREE remote Linux boxes have not enabled sound
within the Ubuntu desktop. These desktops are created by the general public and shared for

Presumably , the public will eventually make a desktop release with sound working....but it
does not appear to have happened yet.

I followed some instructions on the Forum about the distant machines. However, Ubuntu reported
an error saying a certain module was not present.

here is that link.


It kind of looks like the Linux box's are not configured to know about sound. The way the virtual
computers are delivered out onto the world wide web. (is without any sound)

But the people appear to think that although "no hardware sound card" is configured within the Desktop Linux Serving computer.....you can still use the soudcard in the Client receiving terminal as a kind of "dummy soundcard" within Pulse audio.

I would imagine that there are many people (1000\s ) who know about this subject and are
able to configure the above................ in about 10 minutes.

A guide would be helpful

1) SO the requirement is to get "sound" working on a Local Client Linux machine which "does" have a physical soundcard......while the distant Linux box Serving it......does NOT have any soundcard configured in the way that it is delivered by XEN as a "virtual Linux computer" (over the web)

I expect this to be simply a case of contacting the company that roll out the "virtual computer" boxes
and asking them to enable sound features.

This has been done but because these machines are not supporting Desktop Linux sessions then
the company may feel uneasy about supporting multimedia and sound. (they are mainly server boxes)

In the above case.....it would be necessary to circumnavigate around the companies limitation
because this pathway is not infringement or anything.....(to me, sound is a worth having because then the Linux boxes are full working FREE cloud computers.)

The company (Amazon) are fully aware about "Linux Desktop sessions" executing on their platform.
It's not any taboo situation.



February 21st, 2011, 03:33 PM
I am looking for a solution to pretty much the exact same problem.

I am running Neatx on my machine in the cloud, and need to stream sound from that machine to my NX client.