View Full Version : [ubuntu] Icon and theme screw up at start up

Cliff Hanger
February 6th, 2011, 10:50 PM
Ever since my upgrade to Ubuntu Maverick 64bit, my icons and my theme (panel and the menu bar of windows, etc.) have switched at start up from a custom one I chose to a really old Windows 98-like theme that makes me think something is seriously wrong. I also get 2 or 3 balloon error messages from X stating that the stored settings could not be used because the monitor size is not allowed. (or something like that anyway).

I use a Sony F11 laptop with NVIDIA GT 330m graphics, and have modified many graphics settings since 9.10 to get the display working correctly. It's probable that some setting back then didn't upgrade well and is now causing problems. Please give any recommendation on at least what specific program (or config file) is causing my problem. It would mean more if someone who also has a Sony answered, because I assume this problem is more specific to the brand than anything else.

So far, I remember having modified at least the following: ACPI, Xorg.conf, GRUB config, I have installed Lubuntu, Kubuntu, Sugar and LXDE on top of Ubuntu but removed them once the problem started. If any of them could modify a crucial config file for startup that messes with the icons, monitor size or themes, please let me know.

If I run the appearance settings (the one to change the background), I can restore some windows' menu bars and the panels, but still have crappy-looking icons and some types of windows. Can anyone tell me what this appearance program does that makes Gnome restore them? (I also get another X balloon error when I start appearance properties)

I have tried changing the Xorg.conf file many times, but none of the changes have helped.